The Zonal Railway Training Institute, Bhuli, is one of the premier institutions of the Indian Railways aimed for creation of well trained railway men to serve the Indian Railways. The quality of interactiveness…


Transportation Model Rooms

Transportation Model Room is located in a spacious hall. There are 21 model stations incorporating both single line and Double line working with Two Aspect Lower Quadrant (TALQ), Multiple Aspect Upper Quadrant (MAUQ), Two Aspect Color Light (TACL) and Multiple Aspect Color Light (MACL) in Absolute Block System and Automatic Block System.

Models of Non-Inter-locked, Modified Non-interlocked, Key Locking, Standard I, II and III, Panel Interlocking and Route Relay Interlocking Stations are provided. Life size single line and double line block instrument, UFSBI and Panels are provided for practical training.